Public transpo- thoughts about the weekend

4:04 am: I had forgotten that this thing has a journaling program. I could have used this when “and I still wake up” came to mind.

5:33 am: getting ready to head out. Having that last smoke before leaving. Still working on that target date.

5:45 am: The law of attraction = The WILL and the WORD. At least that is what I have come to believe.

A beautiful cloudy Monday morning. Humm, I wonder what it says about a person who loves cloudy, gray days?

Over the weekend, found out that some of my vlogs are on HempTV. That came as a shock. But as I thought about it, stands to reason that they could be shared by others and subsequently posted here and there.

5:54am: well, on bus #1, hehehe, “the #1” to transfer to #15. Unil later.

Ciao ciao