Public transpo: the rain has returned and yeah, some dreams can be prophetic (is that the word?)

Well, well, well

Someone speaks ill of the drewster. WHAT’S NEW???? I shared the vermin and snake dream with you yesterday. Went online to research the “meaning.” lol snakes = someone speaks ill of you. (haven’t gotten to the rat part yet). I am not too concerned, if they are talking about me, that will spare someone else. So it’s all good. Re: that, as long as I know that my motives are pure and without malice, the opinions and foul mouthings of others mean little to me… hehehe as much as a June bug in July. hehehe

I’ve mentioned the penance given to me. Well, I am still working that program…HOWEVER, I could not help myself, yesterday, I had to, and yes I say “had to” stop holding back and tell a colleague something that she didn’t want to hear. I think the message was received. So today will be the test. Now, before you start, I was nice about it. No yelling; no trying to make her see it my way…just the facts as they have been presented to me (skewed by the deliverer, as all “facts” are when told by a “wounded” party). And, I think I have a wonderful way to sweeten any .. Can’t think of the word. I usually start out by saying (this might ring familiar to a certain someone,) “I am not in the business of being right or wrong…” I’ve found that by starting with that sentence, it makes the medicine go down a bit easier.

Now to the fun stuff. I ruined a pair of Italian leather shoes today (not really fun, but…). Water damage. It wasn’t raining when I left the crib (hehehehe) this morning and then Zeus decided, let it rain..and it did!

Found some lost music last night, so I’ve added another 15 gigs of music to my music library. Yea me!! Now to get media player to accept and label the selections. Yea me!!!

Well, empaths beware, my work is a breeding ground for negative mojo today…RED ALERT, RED ALERT. Shields up, man how can one be so pissed 1st thing in the morning. Even when I drove to work in the rain, hating every min, I would at least say “good morning.” oh well, no hair off my back.


Oh, have a great day, afternoon, evening and make it a productive one!

SIDEBAR: Oh well, it really doesn’t matter . 🙂

Ciao ciao

the WILL and the WORD

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