a little list of likes…

Ahh, another snow day. Absolutely beautiful!

Taking a cue from a suggested topic for a blog, I shall share what I do on a snow day. (Also included a little list of favs and of course a few pics)

Let’s start with a favourite. I have really been loving COMMUNITY. I have watched the first season, every episode, at least 12 times. THAT IS NOT HYPERBOLE! I just love that show. However, like most shows, I have questions.
What does Britta do that she could afford to take care of Abed?

Shirley and Chang – really?

Pierce and the Spanish sub, what really happened?

Troy and Abed, what’s up?

Annie, don’t quite know about her.

Sr Chang is da triple dawg bomb!

However, I can’t leave out OUTSOURCED. Just thinking about the show makes me laugh out loud. I think NBC is trying to kill that show. It resumes in the 10:30pm time slot. A comedy on at 10:30pm. I just don’t get it. I also don’t get why so many people are offended by this show. “It is offensive,” is the common thread. Everything is a learning experience. (Even a sitcom). I mean, were you/are you aware that the caste system is still used in India? And of course, this is where I learned about “the Indian bobble” which is an excellent managerial tool by the by! :-). And were you aware that they were a polytheistic society?

(You know that I am still learning how to navigate.)

Switching the channel. Watch FIT (it is a movie). Rent it, find a torrent, whatever you have to do, find the movie FIT. It is a story, seen through the eyes of several teens and their various coming out stories. No, it is not some twink skin flick. I was really surprised at how much I liked this flick. Let me put it this way, usually, I fast forward through movies-not this one. FIT!
What is FIT? “The feature film adaption of Stonewall’s highly successful play for schools aimed at tackling homophobic bullying.” More info @ http://www.stonewall.org.uk

Another “this is really good” film, Bulgarian Lovers (2003). Humm, your usual observations of love, sex, power with some flesh thrown in. I will admit I was a bit thrown but the sex scenes are tastefully done and not pornographic is any way. I will admit, I did fast forward through some of it, but later went back. (www.imdb.com/title/tt0353818)

Crikey! I’m off out. Almost out of fags and I want to play in the snow. Photos later!

Cheers! Oh, have a great day and make it a productive one!

peace and long life