sunday, 16 January 2011: the purpose of life…

“I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honourable, to be compassionate.  It is, after all, to matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all.” -Leo C. Rosten

That is my format-to start off with a quote.

An idea came to me a bit ago. I signed on for this “postaday/week” thingie. I can’t complain, I’ve been able to keep up the pace. However, there is something missing. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Oh well!

There are quite a few things that have made me go “humm” happened during the week. One thing, don’t people realise that what is posted on the internet is just about there forever and a day? So consider what you post – do you really want compromising photos to come back and haunt you later.

Mindfullness – the trait of staying aware of (paying close attention to) your responsibilities. There is a bit more to it of course. But to be succinct, I believe that it is being aware of how everything that we do, from how we approach the simplest things have far ranging consequences. I am thinking that includes not only facial expressions to what we put into our bodies. We must be mindful … aware of everything.

I am losing my ability to focus. I had an idea a second ago, but now its gone.

I’ve been having trouble getting back in front of the camera. My inability to focus makes it difficult for me to vlog. In addition, other than music videos, I can’t really make head or tails of any videos I watch. The speakers all sound like the adults from the Charlie Brown cartoons.
“Waa wa waa wa waa wa”

Recipes – I think I’ll take up that challenge. A few no red meat meals guaranteed to satisfy. 🙂

Ok, here goes-wacky time.

Have you noticed that there are more “aliens among us” movies and television shows nowadays?

Were you a little freaked when you heard about the dead birds and river of dead fish? (FlashFoward)

49 out of 50 states “covered” in snow. Global weather disasters. And folk still doubt global warming.

Ok, I am going to throw it out there. Is it possible, no probable that we are being conditioned? Just call me Question.

But there is a deeper part of it, a yearning for some kind of centeredness, a feeling of mindfulness, making the world a better place as opposed to contributing to its demise. ”   Ariana Speyer

I am still having trouble posting photos from the mobile app. If this works, these were taken on a walk through the neighbourhood.

peace and long life

2 thoughts on “sunday, 16 January 2011: the purpose of life…”

  1. Looking forward to the recipes!

    The mindfulness thing is something I’ve been working on, too.

    Regarding the YouTube videos and your inability to make sense of them – I don’t think that has anything to do with you! Or at least, not in the way you think; Something I’ve noticed about a lot of the more “serious” YouTubers – the ones who think they can use YouTube to change the world – is that a lot of their talk is just that: talk! And then they do responses to eachother’s videos picking apart some abstract point that somebody else made and back and forth it goes, becoming more and more abstract. They call this “dialogue” or “grass roots discussion”. Then when someone actually does something “real” – like something for charity for example – one of these abstract people will say, “But it’s not enough! We have to tackle the WHOLE system!” Then they go back to smoking pot. The reason these videos don’t make sense is that you’ve got to be in a certain state of mind to understand what these people are on about – a shitty state of mind.

    Regarding the “aliens among us” movies, I’d like to think that they’re being made to tap into our current anxienties about terrorism and the idea that “the terrorists” could be “anywhere, at any time!” – even the President of the United States could be one of those evil Muslims! – but the fact is about 90% of the movies out now are either adaptations of comic books or video games or remakes and reboots of stuff that came out in the 80s (Cold War era stuff?) or earlier. The only Hollywood movie I can think of that wasn’t based on a book or a comic or a TV show from the 80s or a video game was Avatar and yet I found that movie ironically cliche and totally unoriginal.

    1. Thanks for the read and comment!

      I hadn’t considered the “terrorist among us” point or even the comic time-line aspect. Thanks!
      Avatar was… I don’t know. I liked the movie. I loved the CGI. The “message” was well one that we have heard forever. But…. I don’t know, although there was some resonance, there was also something lacking.

      I have to give that a bit more thought.

      The YT thing perhaps you are correct. I think that if folk stop trying to be “right” or “wrong” their respective messages would lose the static and their discussions would bear more fruit.

      However, today I came up with a kick butt idea for a video. Yet, after breaking it down, doing the web searches; I decided that the amount of work to produce the vlog exceeded the desire and shelved it. I am exhausted just thinking about it.

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