man to man … Three simple words … I love you

“I love you.”

Every night, since I was a kid, yes I can remember that far back :-), before bed, I always tell my mum “I love you.” When I ring off with my Mom Donna, I always say “I love you.” But, I can NOT remember ever saying those three little words FREELY and FREQUENTLY to my male friends (at least not as a adult). I am not talking in a “gay” way. (Perhaps I should edit that, “gay” way, wouldn’t want to offend.) I am not talking in a romantic way. I am talking about platonic, fraternal love. Why?
Humm, ahhh, because men aren’t supposed to verbalise our “love” unless it is for some type of gain?

Ahh, it is not “masculine” to “casually” say, 1-4-3. But that lends opportunity to start another topic. “Who is to say what is or isn’t masculine?” Has the line betwixt what is and isn’t masculine been blurred? We can wax our eyebrows, shave our bodies, apply more hair product, facial moisturisers, etc. and still call ourselves men, but to tell a buddy, “I love you,” without the need to explain what we mean is anathema to some. I don’t know.

So, I am left wondering why.

Hey, I love you man! 🙂

A pui tardi

peace and long life