know you numbers…GET IT CHECKED!

What am I talking about? I am talking about your blood pressure. A few days ago I went to doctor (for one reason) and walked out with “stage 1” hypertension. How can that be? I take exercise at least thrice a week. Save for the occasional lapses in diet, I do not consume copious amounts of salt, fried foods (although, I am a whore for southern fried chicken cooked by my mom.) Yeah, yeah I know, “give up the fags.” I am making every effort to quit. It just doesn’t work…yet. I’ve tried cold turkey. I’ve tried hypnosis. I am addicted to nicotine. But we digress… Go to your healthcare pro and have your blood pressure checked. I guess I am fortunate, I am able to make more modifications in diet and behaviour to prevent damage to my internal organs (kidneys, heart, “ex chet ta ra”) hehehehehe.

Here are a few numbers to know. The normal level for blood pressure is 120/80. The 120 = the systolic measurement. That is the peak pressure in the arteries. The 80= the diastolic measurement. That is the minimum pressure in the arteries. BP between 120/80 and 139/89 is considered prehypertension and a BP of 140/90 or above is considered hypertension.

Finally, about 33% of people DO NOT know that they have HBP. Do you know your numbers? Schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider.

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One thought on “know you numbers…GET IT CHECKED!”

  1. When I visited my father-in-law in hospital I had my blood pressure tested for probably the first time since I was a kid. Mine was 118/69 – it was done at different times of the day over three or four days.

    In the past I never gave a thought to what foods I ate or how much because I could never really put on weight unless I made an effort to bulk up. But then in 2008 I checked my BMI and realized that I was overweight – I don’t want to know what all the rubbish I was eating has been doing to my insides! Since then I’ve been eating better (very few processed foods, rarely eat red meat, never add salt to food etc.) and getting more exercise. I think it’s relatively easy to turn your health around if you just make some small changed and are mindful of what’s in your food.

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