perfect, me??? omg, THAT is a joke!

By the sons of Dis, I piss off a complete stranger and all I did was ask a few questions and seek some measure of understanding. But I am called out of my name and summarily dismissed. Without an opportunity to “explain.” What is up with that?

ahhh, the voice tells me, a nerve has been struck and perhaps you should not have used the word “moral.” That is always a sticky wicket.

But, let’s re wind a moment. I do not think; I have never thought that I am perfect in any way. Gods and everyone who knows me knows that I am flawed.

I will accept ignorant (meant as an insult,) but I choose the true definition of “ignorant” meaning “uninformed.” And I am uninformed about a lot of things. And I will admit, I am a “square kid in a round world.” I could google this stuff, but why not get different “live” perspectives? I mean “social networking” and all.

I regret that my unending questions and what ifs offend(ed). That was not my intent.

I regret that instead of stopping, taking a breath, that our “discussion” was cut short.

I am not in the business of being “right” or “wrong.” I am just one of those blokes who always wonder….

ME — perfect, hehehehe, that made me laugh out loud.

Oh, btw, not from ATL. I live in Norfolk.


3 thoughts on “perfect, me??? omg, THAT is a joke!”

  1. Questions are what we channel information through to sift through our own values and beliefs. Change may occur when we receive new information that we truly have learned from. One cannot control the reaction of another, only the intent on our part not to intentionally hurt someone. Keep being inquisitive. It shows our desire and willingness to grow.

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