prayers have been offered…

but, I am curious. It seems to me that we as a race, when faced with disaster, are quick to “turn to (insert diety of choice)” and request prayer vigils and the like. I am cool with that. But what about praying not only when things are “bad”, but also when they are good?


2 thoughts on “prayers have been offered…”

  1. When I was younger and my situation wasn’t so good, I used to pray on an almost daily basis for things to get better in my life. Then, once things did improve, I stopped praying for a long time. It was like I only had a connection with “the sacred” when I was experiencing adversity. Life was good so I didn’t need to bother God asking for help – God was only something I asked for help from. Or perhaps around that time I also started to believe that miracles only happen when you’ve tried everything you can yourself (although, knowing that others are sending positive thoughts your way can help you to cope with tragedy or to do what ever else it is you’re trying to do, I think).

    Having said that, over the last five or so years I’ve definitely become more aware of how lucky I am and seem to be regularly thanking God or the kami or the universe or whoever for everything I’ve been blessed with. I’m aware that luck has played as much a role in how my life is now as my efforts and that others who have worked just as hard or harder aren’t as lucky as I have been. This also helps me not to dwell on set backs so much – if I know that I gave something everything I had, and I still failed, then I was just “unlucky”.

    For the past year or so I’ve recorded three things each day that I am grateful. I’ve found that it’s useful in keeping a positive attitude about life and the world around me. For instance, although the earthquake in Japan has caused so much tragedy, I am so,so grateful that my wife and family weren’t seriously affected by it. The people who have suffered and are suffering are still in my thoughts.

    Apparently a recent study found that people who show gratitude also tend to avoid mental illness and live a longer life. I don’t know if that’s true, but I think that being grateful (not necessarily to a higher power) for what you do have rather than pining for the things that you don’t, is a much healthier way to live – at least for me.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts on the topic. 😛

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