an ode to humanity

Many are the world’s wonders, but none more wondrous than man.

Under the south wind’s gale, he traverses the gray sea, knifing through its surging swells.

Earth, eldest of the gods, imperishable and everlasting, he erodes year after year with winding furrows cut by his equine team.

The winged flocks of birds, the wild herds of beasts, and the salt-sea schools of fish he entraps in the woven mesh of his devious net.

With his devices he overpowers the creatures of the wild,
reining in the shaggy-maned stallion and yoking the stubborn mountain bull.

Speech he developed and wind-swift thought and the talent to dwell together, and learned
how to evade the chilling frost and pelting rain.

Ingenious, there is nothing that he cannot master.

Only from Death can he not contrive an escape.

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