Hey, ‘ello, how are ya?

Harriet the Spy
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I really had a path to follow.  Unfortunately, I was distracted by something bright and shiny – and  POOF, gone…

A lot has been happening, but nothing has happened..if that makes any sense.

I’ve had to put my gym activities on the back burner for now.  A few weeks ago…well needless to say, I fall down and go boom.  Can’t put my full weight on my wrist, so that means No pull-ups, push-ups, lifting, etc… you know all the good stuff.  I have been able to get a nice number of “solid” sit ups and “perfecting” my squat.  I am learning to “trust my ass.”  But until I can give it 110%..

NBC has cancelled OUTSOURCED.  I am really bummed! I really liked that show – from day ONE and THAT is good – GREAT.  It usually takes me a season to really LIKE a show….  Well, I still have Modern Family, Cougar Town, Community and Law and Order: Criminal Intent (since the originals are back)

So, whilst chatting with a buddy on FB.  I decided to look at my current reading list.

This is a list of books I am currently reading and a few that I will add in anticipation for the third (trade addition) in June.

I will read something from each of these books everyday.

Well, here you are, what I am reading NOW…

The Story of B – Daniel Quinn

Dragon PrinceMelanie Rawn

Harriet the SpyLouise Fitzhugh

The Teachings of the Buddha: Dhammapada – Friedrich Max Muller

The Eco Guide to Careers that Make a Difference – The Environmental Careers Organization

Sons of the Goddess – Young Man’s Guide to Wicca – Christopher Penczak

Wherever you go, There you AreJon Kabat-Zinn

Polgara the SorceressDavid Eddings

and also add the various news sites and blogs….


Below are a few photographs I’ve taken over the past few weeks….

a pui tardi

SIDEBAR: Just how are the “auto tags” generated?  I mean ReAlLy!  🙂

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