“All things arise, Suffer change, And pass away. This is their nature. When you know this, Nothing perturbs you, Nothing hurts you. You become still. It is easy.” Ashtavakra Gita 11:1


Don’t you hate it when…

When your muse decides to take the day off? Well that happened to me this morning. I’m outside, getting ready to plant the front flowerbed for the season. I’m laying out the plants. And then all of a sudden…..nothing. I could not see a pattern, couldn’t get an angle, just couldn’t find the proper pot placement.

So what did I do? Had a bite to eat, a cuppa and listened to a few hrs of music. I think I am ready to try again.



All I can say is wow. I’m back. (I know hold the applause). It has been a ROUGH few months. I’ve had a lot to share (and yet, I’ve not “shared.”

1. Because some of the stuff, ok most of the stuff, has been personal. And I don’t think you would really “care.” Well, you’d care but only so much. I mean afterall I am a stranger to you. 🙂

2. You know how my mind works. I am scattered. If I wasn’t able to focus on one thing I’d say that I have ADHD or something. My point, I wouldn’t want to scare you off with the ramblings of a grief stricken, under-employed, frustrated artist. (we are all artists!)