perhaps, today I should just unplug…

another of those “lost posts”

Like that could ever happen. It’s odd. I can not remember the last time I was COMPLETELY disconnected from the inter-webs. 🙂 by choice I should probably say.

I say ^^^ because with the recent set up app updates, many of them just don’t work anymore…including FACEBOOK, my photo storage app, my texting app…those apps I use frequently. Oh well. My only major concern is the photo storage app. I’ve some really neat personal sentimental stuff in there.

What else? Ahhh, we’ve started counting carbs (how many consumed in each meal) in the house now. Surprisingly, the portion sizes are amazing and often times MORE than I am able to consume.

I’ve resumed my “home” workouts. Basically, as many sit-ups as I can do, then take my bike out for a few miles (min 5, max 12), more sit-ups (total 100 before bed), incline pushups (as many as I can do). I haven’t the strength to do standard ones….yet.