it all started with a photograph…

the photo…..

the “header”…….. “sad, but very true…perspective”……

and the discussion that ensued….

I am removing the names to “protect” the innocent…

G+ guy – ok this is just wrong, I get what you are saying but come on, not right now! Honestly I know their (sic) are millions of kids dying over seas, I know that, but to take away from this man’s legacy and the lose we have sustained is totally inconsiderate. This was someone’s father, brother, friend, mentor!!!
9:58 PM
Me – I’ve not taken anything away from his legacy. That can’t be done.
10:05 PM
Me –  query, When would have been a good time to post it? Despite the fact that he was a husband, mentor, etc.  all of the things you said does not take away from the fact that more airtime was given to his death than any of the “real” concerns of the planet… unemployment, the rise in HIV infection among women and peoples of colour, global warming, domestic abuse, you know …. That’s why I added “perspective” to the comment.
10:11 PM
Me –  But thanks for your perspective. Gotta love a country that allows a “free” flow of thought and discourse.
10:12 PM
G+ guy-  ok do you know how to solve any of those issue? if so then let up talk about it, if not their is no need to talk about it
10:13 PM
Me –  Ahh, but if we don’t talk about these issues, ideas can’t be formed. And yes, I do have ideas on how some of our serious social issues can be addressed. Now, what ideas do YOU have on improving race relations? He asked a question about interracial relationships earlier in the day.
Ahhhh, I believe we have started up that smelly creek.
10:19 PM
G+ guy –  I do not; This is the reason why I do not talk about it! I am not in the position to do anything about it; as of yet, it is not something that is on my mind. This seems like something which interests you so I recommend you get a plan, put it together, and get started on it. If I can financially support you I will, if not get those who can, but for God sakes do not build your platform on the heels of someone elses legacy.
10:28 PM
Me –  what platform? I am not running for office. I am not trying to curry favour with anyone. I am, as you have done, voicing my opinion (in images). Sir, I am not in the business of being right or wrong. (Hi Cathy!) I just like to remind folk that there are larger issues abound. And I believe, that although I may not be able to “do” something to fix an issue, but if I can make someone else pause and say, “I have an idea that may work,” then a step toward a solution may evolve. Quien sabes amigo mio? Our exchange may have lit a fire in someone’s mind…. 🙂
10:36 PM
G+ guy – I do not mean to come off as a dick! I just believe if you want someone to understand your heart, just tell them, regardless of how you tell them, only the ones who want to listen will!
10:36 PM
Me- I didn’t/don’t think you were/are being “a dick.” You expressed your opinion. I’m cool with that. 🙂
Your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “it all started with a photograph…”

  1. lol. awesome cool. Yeah, thats the way the world runs doesn’t it? Why do we cry over Steve Jobs? Because we have no more fun toys from him, it will affect our lives so significantly. Nothing to look forward to, no what’s next, no surprises, no hope. That’s why we care. Those million who dies? What’s that got to do with us, in fact those buggaroos really bother us in the street interrupting our busy walk to the office, hijacking us at the traffic lights asking for donations and sponsorships. Yea , yea, sure sure, very big issues, but nothing to do with me and nothing I can do. If you ask, because you personally ask, I will give some money, but thats because I know you. How totally unlike Steve Jobs, I will initiate lining up for hours by myself just for the next new thing that comes up. Hey man, that affects me directly. (sarcasm)

    Terrible isn’t it ? But really what you do, can you do about fundamental basic human natures of selfishness? That’s how we were brought up weren’t we? You look at the others at large, I look at the state of a human. Just what can you do?

  2. I’ve been brought up to eat up all the food on my plate , because when I was young, my parents always reminded me ” there are millions of children who are dying of starvation.” Somehow, your post reminds me of that one.

    Greetings from california.

  3. Oh man… unless you know how to solve a problem you shouldn’t discuss it? Have you ever heard of a problem that was solved without discussing it?

    A couple of weeks ago when the iPhone 4S was announced the vast majority of people interested in such nonsense thought it was a load of shit. Now Steve Jobs has died they feel compelled to mobilize in his name and hand over money for some unnecessary luxury item which they themselves thought was a cynical cash grab from Apple just a week earlier? And yet to ask people to mobilize for – not even to mobilize for, just *think about* – any other issue isn’t just simply too much to ask for, why, it’s pissing on the legacy of Steve Jobs!

    Perspective, indeed…

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