My random blog for today

“What’s on my mind?” Humm, in no particular order:

A Cuppa (I think pomegranate black)

Bacon (ok, yeah all of the time)

A “perfect” job (there is one out there and I WILL find it!)

The gym- I REALLY need to go back.

Coconut macaroons (see above)

Tervis cups (an early Christmas present and I ❤ it!)

Pancakes (only three, any more and blahhh)

Almond milk (yummy yummy in my tummy)

The mating practices of the Norwegian Troll. (I don't know why)

Depending upon where one is in his/her life, a book, read many times, speaks differently each time (did that make sense?)

Standing on this table, and pulling the speaker from its mounting in hopes of silencing the bloody holiday music. Because if I hear another version of Jingle Bells I AM GOING TO SCREAM!

🙂 have a great day!

a pui tardi



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