You know me and my tests.

This is another mobile test. I am not sure if one can compose a blog sans Internet connection and store it as a saved document. I guess we shall see.

Confirmation. It can be done. With a twist….images can not be uploaded without Internet.

Well I am aflight. Is that a word? Uneventful to say the least. Saw a great view of the area surrounding ORF. Unfortunately, I could not take any snaps as all electronic devices had to be powered down off.

There is a screaming kid present. Yay!


Met this sailor whilst waiting for my connection. They’ve “lost” his reservation so now he has to wait. No worries for him. He’s just happy to go home for the holidays. The point of me telling you that? He’s sharing his power strip with me. He reminded me that’s am travelling without a surge protector.

You do realise that I am just killing time. So here are a few photos and pieces of “art.”


$6.99 for this…..I forgot to bring the jerky packs given to me by Jay Gill for Christmas.


The Lady Sarah and Lord Byron. If you’ve ever visited my YouTube channel you know who these tykes are. 🙂

I think this is the longest blog I’ve actually written. Perhaps I should fly more often.


The males are the brothers Godfrey (MORCHEEBA) and the lady… Skye Edwards. I ❤ her.

Skye Edwards (born Shirley Klaris Yonavieve Edwards, 27 May 1972) is a British singer-songwriter, born in East London. Her career began in 1994 when she and the Godfrey brothers (DJ Paul Godfrey and multi-instrumentalist Ross Godfrey) formed the band Morcheeba, which released five albums with Skye as lead vocalist. When Skye parted from the band in 2003, she released two solo albums: Mind How You Go – 2006, and Keeping Secrets -2009. Edwards returned to Morcheeba as lead vocalist In 2010.

Last but not least. A few weeks ago (actually it is a few days ago, I went to Oglebay Park I’m Wheeling, WV. Here are a few shots….I think.

For reason I can not access my “cloud.” That means that I can’t share the WV images yet.


Well, enough for now.

a pui tardi


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