Wow and it is just 08:19…

And I’ve already ridden the roller coaster of emotions.

I awoke smiling, humming and then singing ( 99.9% of the time that’s how I greet the world. Now keep in mind, that is only when I am alone. If others are around…DON’T BREATHE TOO HEAVILY OR I WILL CUT YOU DOWN WITH AN ICY GLARE).

But now, as I did the morning washing up (which was light as all I had was a lightly toasted bagel, a thinly sliced, lightly peppered English cucumber and a cuppa) I burst into tears. Why? For a brief moment, I caught a whiff of my mothers scent and felt…..something.

Memories, this time last year…..she and I were walking the streets of Atlanta, looking at the snow.



a pui tardi

Let’s see if I can lighten the mood a bit.



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