Hey! hey! hey!


Hey, this is going to be a quickie. I’ve a favour to ask of you (a few of you at least). I really appreciate the views and comments on my inane ramblings and rumblings. So, as turn about is fair play. With the exceptions of The Hook and Ultimate Ether (blogs I’ve been following for a while now) would YOU send me a link to your respective blogs. Why, don’t you get e-notifications? Why yes I do, but since my “main” e-address is usually cluttered with other “real world” stuff, I often miss the notices and then months later see them. I want to read and if moved comment on each and every one of your blogs.

With that said, please send your blog links to:


Spammers, don’t, but if you do…BE WARNED, I’VE SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU.

and know that I am not interested in starting my own business.
I don’t need help with financing cars, homes, college.
I have no long lost relatives in Africa or any foreign country.
Oh yeah, my penis functions just fine and I am happy with it, so, Viagra and penile enhancement adverts, well……don’t need them.

Looking forward to getting to “know” each of your blogs!


a pui tardi