I’m fighting RESISTANCE


LOL! I just had this bloke walk up to me, (I’m sitting in McDonalds having my morning dose of liquid crack – sweet tea) and ask to touch my feet. TRUE STORY

I had a thought for a blog. It was going to be the one that this blog has replaced. But I have to truly decide if my posting that would really serve any purpose. So I’m going to put a pin that.

I’ve been reading this blog of late http://theworldaccordingtowoman.wordpress.com and well all I can say is WOW. Reading her work has exposed me to a less than familiar part(from my mindset, or internal world view) of the feminine mind. wow, thinking about her blog and my reaction to it has illuminated something about myself as well. WELL DONE WOMAN!!!!!

I am still on this HASHTAG fascination.




Humm, trying to silence the noise of the world for just a few minuets before the whirlwind.

♫ soundtracking “Magic Potion” by Flunk http://sdtk.fm/ye6Qvt

a pui tardi



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