Wow! What a difference a few days and some serious dosing will do for ya

♫ soundtracking “Au-Dela (Live)” by Morcheeba

♫ soundtracking “My Love” by The Bird and the Bee

What have I missed? Hummmmmmmm

You know whilst under the weather, why is it called under the weather? I came up with the best blog ideas. But guess what. I can’t think of any of them right now! LOL, Oh well…..

Ok, I don’t know what it was about the last episode of the US version of one of my favourite British tele-dramas., SHAMELESS. But, I’m hooked. No pun intended buddy. lol I am tickled. With that said, I have added it to my list of watchable television. …….

whooooa, now, wait a minute…..

But I watch a lot of computer. So how does that differ? Does it differ?


Commercial television ….. “commercials, hence more messages that you are too: insert whatever.

Internet viewing ……no commercials, but the product placement in the now commercial free programmes still bombard.

And now, I’ve lost my train of thought.

Oh, ♫ soundtracking “Let It Fall” by Lykke Li



Also added to the viewing schedule.

I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ A FINE FRENZY just sayin’

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On FB this morning a question was asked… Which alien race in the Star Trek universe would you like to be?
It took me all but a minute to come up with a Vulcan-Bajoran. I mean, Vulcans can’t just have the hots for humans. Think about it!!!!

And because I’m a Trek nerd….

Oh, you know the other day I just wanted…NEEDED a milkshake. I decided to go to Wendy’s (I can’t get sued for this can I?) and received the BEST chocolate shake I have had in a looooong time! It was the best thing i have had in my mouth in DECADES It was also the most expensive chocolate milkshake I’ve ever had. As good as it was, and I do mean it was good. It was I want a cigarette after having it good! I will have to save that for treat/cheat day. I could become addicted.

I am loving her voice….♫ soundtracking “Little Bit” by Lykke Li

I just love this blogging thing! You know what guys, I’ve sat here; and, through the use of images and music; I’ve written a blog….shared bits of my day, tiny little glimpses into my mind with you……that blows me away and THANK YOU for allowing me to do so!

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Here’s something for you. Had a buddy text the other day complaining that he hasn’t gotten any hits on this singles hook up site. ZOMG why is ♫ soundtracking “Masquerade” by Berlin playing…

So I ask him, “how are you selling yourself?”
He proceeds to read the advert, I doze off, I hear a “are you there?” and I answer (I really did doze off or became distracted by something bright and shiny.)
That’s your problem…the advert is too long. This isn’t or eharmony. Your goal is to get laid, yes? Well say what you want and this longs walks and favourite book “The Bible.” is shyte! Say what you want…. Well, we (I) trimmed the fat from the advert and made it say what he wanted. Well, let’s just say, he is as happy as a queer in Babylon (LOL, I’m having QAF flashbacks)


What now????? ♫ soundtracking “Beautiful Drug (feat. Jana Andevska)” by @ThieveryCorpDC

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I ❤ the Avengers. Before this Ultimate universe, re-booted crap! THERE I SAID IT!!!!

well I think my work here is done…..

a pui tardi.

I’ll play myself out…♫ soundtracking “Day After Day” by Pretenders