That’s it! I quit, I give up! That is what you want isn’t it?

Whoa nelly!

Simply put, I quit, I give up on trying to communicate AUTHENTICALLY. Not with everyone, just those who would rather, “wish and hope and dream about days gone by and refuse to wake up and smell the SHIT of the world around them. The voice told me last night (and reminded me this morning,) to “just fucking stop. You are not insane now, but you will go batty if you continue to try to have any type of real and genuine conversation/communication/exchange with anyone WHO REFUSES to view the world through anything than those permanently attached rose coloured classes.” I was reminded that I’ve tried to no avail to facilitate “honest” communication. So, I’m done. I – AM – DONE! After more than a decade, of doing thisI AM DONE!

Ahhh, with this decision, I’ve realised that….

Time will be saved.
No more fluff conversations.
I won’t walk away feeling as if my ability to communicate is flawed. (and it could very well be)
The dread in speaking with you….no longer exists.

Wait, I’m receiving instruction.

My reaction will be to smile, nod my head in mute acknowledgement and go to my happy place.



a pui tardi amici, a pui tardi


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