what an odd realisation…


In this case, the image says it all.

For the most part, I travel betwixt the head, the place where I consume nutritional bio matter, my regeneration chamber and the various yards. But that’s it. I very rarely, if ever, unless someone is visiting me (and that NEVER happens) use the living room.

Anywhoooo, I sitting here, watching tele (Young Justice) feeling…..uncomfortable.

Almost done for the day., waiting for the sprinkler guys to come and do their thing to the irrigation system NEXT door, then off to the depot of homes (Jejejejejeje) to get stuff for the next project.

I actually had to tell someone to hurry up schedule me, because I seem to be booking up quick. And its gotta be done soon, becauseI don’t work outdoors in the heat…FOR ANYONE 🙂

a pui tardi


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