I’m calling this one “would you buy…”

Ok, I’ve been cogitating (I like that word, “cogitating”). So, I’m going to toss the query to the interwebs, and see what comes back…

In order to earn extra money, I’ve been toying with the idea of selling a few photographs online. Oh, did I tell you on Etsy?

“Are you a good enough photographer that your images would fetch a price?”
Answer: I have moments of “good enough.” 🙂 I’m not trying to get rich…just supplement my income.

So, what do you think?

I’m going to look around the Etsy site to get a feel for how to set up such a “store” and pricing, etc. I do not think that it will be such a difficult prop; or am I fooling myself?

This is blog 1.

I’ve no idea why I said “This is blog 1,” but I did.

But as I think about it, I’ll just continue…. after this commercial break…

I liked these shorts.
I decided to buy these shorts.
These shorts were too small.
No they didn’t have any larger. 😦
Oh well, guess what….

…..and we’re back!

During the break… Jejejejejeje

The Universe takes care of her own…in HER time.

I’ve often said that and still do.
I believe it.
I’ve experienced it.


I wanted sautéed green beans I got sautéed green beans and then some.
I wanted some knee length shorts in varying colours and styles I got knee length shorts in varying colours and styles and then some.
I wanted one million dollars Well, I didn’t get that, just wanted to see if you’re paying attention.


the WILL focuses the WORD. the WORD gives meaning to the EVENT. focus your WILL, speak the WORD and the EVENT will happen.



a pui tardi


5 thoughts on “I’m calling this one “would you buy…””

  1. Re your photos and etsy I’m sorry to be the prophet of doom and I sincerely hope I’m mistaken, but with images being so very easy to help yourself so they don’t tend to sell well. Original art which is physical (ie not digital) does a little better, but not much. There’s so much crap out there works of greater quality are hard to find so often it’s not something people look for online, they’d rather go to some poncy gallery where most of the cost goes to the gallery. I was in one a while ago and heard the wonderful phrase ‘I’m looking to spend about £500 on a piece of art, what have you got?’ rather than ‘I’m looking for something I love’ *sigh*.

    It was suggested to me some time ago that I sold my photos to a stockphoto site because that goes for commercial use and companies pay per use, but those need to be accurate representations and to be without effects, so you could go down that route but you’d have to stop making your images to contrasty.

    1. There we are! It took a while for me to find the reply box. 🙂
      Thanks for the input Cathy. And after looking at it from your angle, why would someone pay for something they can google and then right-click for free?

      Re the contrast in the images….humm. I do bump it up a notch, but that’s how my eye sees it, but the camera, unless enhanced, does not quite pick up the BAM (as seen by my naked eye)

      1. I wasn’t suggesting there was anything wrong with your contrasty pictures, it’s very much your style, only that if you wanted to submit anything to a stockphoto site you’d have to make them more ‘normal’ looking.

      2. LOL, “normal” now why in the name of the four would I want to do that? Jejejejeje “Normal” she says…..pa-shaw or is it puuftt. You know that sound one makes when one is being silly. 🙂

        I wish I could do my little ghost buddy here.

        But I do understand. The images need to be “broad and general appealing to a wide range of audiences.” jejejejeje I don’t know why that was funny. Must be….

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