ths is a POINTLESS ramble blog

This image HAS nothing to do with anything to be discussed, or does it? Afterall, I chose this image…perhaps my subconscious……


i just don’t know what to make of anything anymore.

people are strange, you can never second guess

a line from Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day by my most FAVOURITEST 🙂 trip-hop band Morcheeba

Ok, lets see, where to begin. Oh, I just want it to be known…


just sayin’

I saw this on tumblr and thought, yeah, …..

I love it when straight men are affectionate with each other or when they’re affectionate with gay men. I love straight men who are open/loving like that because if I see that you’re uncomfortable with being affectionate in that way I’m going to assume that you’re uncomfortable with a lot of other things too. I need you to feel comfortable with hugging or complimenting a guy without saying “pause” or “no homo”…that’s not cute.

I saw that and thought true.
BUT, it does not need to have the orientation qualifier….if all people would be more affectionate, more compassionate……

Well, I started this days ago. Better post it….

But before I do…let’s see if I can find a quote about trust…

Albert Schweitzer said: “Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.”

I’m off to work the soil. That always seems to settle my mind…..somewhat.


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