An update of sorts and an attempt to blog daily…yeah, right :-)

Greetings! Well met! Hey, how are you?

Well what’s been happening during my hiatus? If you’re interested, this is what’s been happening with “yours truly.”

I’ve opened an Instacanvas gallery. Yeah, I know. I’ll make a minimum of $8 per item sold. Not a big deal since it costs me NOTHING to snap them. This is just a test….to see if there is any interest. Quite a few views, but so far, not buyers.


The business that “wasn’t meant to be…or that wasn’t planned” has/is taking off. Well, I started TESSERACT with the intent of being a concierge service, offering my services as a personal assistant, but more. That was my intent. The garden design and construction, well that was meant to just be a “filler” job. Well, from one garden sprang – sprung, no “sprang” who the hell knows? Let’s say “grew” other opportunities and well TESSERACT is kept afloat by its “terraforming” branch. LOL!!!! Jejejejejeje

I am still seeking answers to those questions that keep me up at night.

Oh, yeah, I’m back in touch with you, them, us. My connection to the link has been restored, with a few welcome surprises. (that’s a topic for a later day.)

I’ve realised that I am an “afterthought” in the mind and lives of a few of those folk I considered “acquaintances.” I was bothered by that….initially. However, after doing some thinking, I realised that “ain’t no use being bothered.” Then I became “hurt.” [SIDEBAR: oh, nevermind]

Passion has been reawakened, but…… Well let’s see if it’s passion or just my body welcoming a break from 100+ degree temps. 🙂

I’m returning to uni! I think I’m taking a course in medical billing. I say “think” because it’s a toss up betwixt medical billing and paralegal.

Have I mentioned that I believe that EVERYONE should have a theme tune? A tune that “defines,” or perhaps, “communicates” a core value.

Here are a few lines from the theme tune of my life….

Extraordinary Way by Conjure One.

What I have is nothing to my name
No property to speak of
And no trophy for my game
Intangible and worthless

My assets on the page
My coffers are empty
Any offer of safety has faded away
But what I have, what I have is

On an ordinary day, the extraordinary way
You take what I can give and you treasure it
On an ordinary day, the extraordinary way
You turn to me and say, I believe in this!

a pui tardi


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  1. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but I just wanted to let you know my book, The Bellman Chronicles, will be available to download for absolutely FREE on Sept. 10 – 11! Check it out – and slip me a review if you can – and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed…

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