STARTED WHILST IN HOSPITAL. So, I’m wondering what a brother has to do to get outta here. I am ready to go. I’m making my list…my “to do” list. Not bucket list….just a “to do”

I think I’m going to ask my friend Michelle if I can hang with her and the kids for a few days. I’m gonna play with the dogs. I have to see David. Tell him why I’m not going to be there when he comes home. I also need to get down to Hinesville to see the folk there. I wonder, humm, perhaps I should investigate the possibility of relocating. Now is the ideal time. 😄
Those were thoughts running through the ole noggin a few days ago.

Wow, this is all new to me…..confusion, exhaustion, being sweatier than usual.

So if I am understand this correctly, I don’t have cancer, but I’m taking cancer meds and have follow-up appointments with oncologists. I can lead a “normal” life, but with restrictions. I’ve a mass that can’t be removed. The tissue is necrotised. It’s all so confusing. But this is what it looks like.

20130527-124308.jpg this small little mass has changed what’s left of my life.

Oh, the math thing. I understand math, just am unable to perform BASIC things.
For example, I tried to fill a weekly pill box….and became frustrated because I couldn’t count out pills for the week.

I seem to cry (yeah, me the emotionless one) at the drop of a hat. No that’s not true. Truth be told, at the realisation that this is it.

Cancel the trip to Norfolk to see MT.
Cancel the trip to David.
Hinesville visit too far away to think about.
Forget the whole idea of relocating.



I am of peace.