Musings, weavings, random thoughts strung together

So far so good! It’s 1406, Sunday afternoon and I’ve not passed out … Yay!!!!

You know, this has been a very trying time; one of the most trying that I can recall. I’m still waiting for the other shoe to hit the floor. (just what does that mean? Waiting for the other shoe to hit the floor?

I’ve been in touch with my UK guru and those exchanges have been great! I am very pleased to have her in my life. Keep in mind we’ve never met and most likely never will, but I feel her guidance and presence and that is very welcome. So Milady, thank you very much.

Yesterday I attended a retirement party for my ivory mom. 21 years in the education system…the public education system. That in and of itself deserves a party. I bring this up because, here I am on my chaise lounge and acquaintances, friends and complete strangers are like “ahh, so you’re Drew.” It was just odd to have people I didn’t know – know me. And I did discover that two actually read this blog. So that gave me a chuckle, especially when advice was offered on “how to make it great.” One bloke got offended when I said I didn’t want to make it great. It serves its purpose the way it is. Oh well. (Don’t you love those types of people?)

Let’s, if we might, discuss the healthcare system in the United States of America if we can. it sucks!!!!
A friend, Miss Jenni struck the nail on the head when she reminded me that the primary purpose of hospitals is to make the patient “comfortable.” It’s secondary purpose is healing. That just seems “ass backwards” to me. I’ve also noticed that instead of healing, they like to throw drug after drug after drug at a person. I just think that’s wrong. As I glance at by bedside table, that was one covered in books, it’s now covered with prescriptions with another ten to have filled. I guess my complaint is that about a month ago I was in hospital and I still have no answers. oh Goddess, I do have answers, I just don’t like them.

Art, waaaaaay back when, when MySpace (remember that?) was the new thing, I asked several artistic friends “How do you know when you’re creating art or just creating doodles?” Can’t for the life of me recall the answers. So, I’ll ask you. “How do you know when you’re creating art or just creating doodles?” Perhaps I’ve asked that question here before as well, I just can’t recall. 😜

I am going to take charge of my “life” and venture outside the confines of these grounds. I think I’ll take a walk to the park, get lost amongst the flora, perhaps see a little fauna. jejejeje get it “flora and fauna” anywhoooo. I say that, but in all reality I won’t. Why? For fear of perhaps losing consciousness and then being eaten by the very fauna I crave to see. (Yeah, the ole imagination is still there.)

Circle Dream
10,000 Maniacs

I dreamed of a circle, I dreamed of a circle round.
And in that circle I had made were all the worlds unformed and unborn yet.
A volume, a sphere that was the earth, that was the moon, that did revolve around my room.

I dreamed of a circle, I dreamed of a circle round.
And in that circle was a maze, a terrible spiral to be lost in.
Blind in my fear, I was escaping just by feel.
But at every turn my way was sealed.

I dreamed of a circle, I dreamed of a circle round.
And in that circle was a face.
Her eyes looked upon me with fondness.
Her warmth coming near, calling me “sweetness,” calling me “dear.”
But I whispered, “no, I can’t rest here.”

I dreamed of a circle, I dreamed of a circle round.

That song has been playing in my head for weeks now.

Take care and remember….

I am of peace….most of the time.

Ciao, ciao.

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  1. Ok I’m going to make an attempt to reply here. It hasn’t let me yet but it does seem better to reply to you here rather than elsewhere. Firstly, you’re welcome Drew. 🙂

    The healthcare system, here too, despite the differences, seems geared to keep people quiet mainly, and to give the appearance of doing something to justify its existence. Cynical, perhaps, and some things it is very good at, but when helpless in the face of a condition it can’t easily or effectively treat it seems to go into some sort of meltdown, often failing to actually serve those it’s there to help in any way. In fact sometimes to make them more ill because throwing pills at people might look purposeful but often seems to further compromise a vulnerable system. I think in such scenarios one must make decisions as to which are helpful and which are making things worse.

    I used to love MySpace. Nothing comparable seems to have manifested since. Knowing what is Art is a question most artists have a good chuckle over, because it’s simply not answerable. It’s a creative act. Whether it’s art of quality is open to interpretation depending upon the criteria you apply to it. It’s so much more (or less) than technical ability. So doodling is art imo.

    I hope you manage to get yourself out there, even with assistance, feel the sun on your face and the breeze on your skin.

    I’m sure you’ll have seen this before but the song reminds me of this:

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