Well now, the old Drewster can’t seem to catch a break!!!

LOL! I’m laughing because if I don’t I’m going on a murderous rampage.

Well, it seems that the “life saving” drugs I’m taking all have an unexpected – no, undisclosed side affects. GOUT yes, the build-up of Uric Acid has reached the point where, jejeje, I can’t walk without SERIOUS pain. Oh, the other nasty side affect, KIDNEY STONES yay!!! \O/ I won’t share how I discovered that! Ewww

So, lets recap. I’ve an inoperable mass in my brain. I’ve lesions, I’m sorry a lesion, around the mass. As a result, my immune system is almost non-existent. The meds only make me sicker, but I’m “guaranteed” that this course of treatment is better than the alternative……death. I’m not sure about that. THIS SHIT BLOWS CHUNKS.

Changing the subject…. I think I’ve found a online storage site for the 5,000+ photos on my mobile and the 1,000+ on my tablet. That should free up some storage space. It’s called MyShoebox. It’s free and offers unlimited storage. With my luck, it will go out of business and I’ll lose all of my pics. Of course, I’ve kept a few on my devices. Images of my sainted mother 😄.

Humm, what else? The creative process; I’m going to give a “free flowing” and just let the images flow. We’ll see what happens.

Hey, anyone know how to “mass delete” photos from a tablet and mobile?

Hummm, I can’t think of anything else right now. So, until later…

I am of peace. ✌

Ciao ciao!!!



2 thoughts on “Well now, the old Drewster can’t seem to catch a break!!!”

  1. That sounds like a Hobsons choice. 😦 There seems a high price to pay whichever route you take. I guess as long as you follow the one your heart tells you to you won’t go far wrong, though I do wish the suffering could be avoided.

    If you want to store your pictures free at the highest resolution free I’d recommend Flickr. They’ve just changed and you get a terrabyte. Here’s mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/loreleila/ so you can check out how it all works.

    Have fun with the free flowing creativity.

    I’m not sure about a tablet but with a phone if you plug it into your computer and download all your photos there’s a button you can click to delete them all from the device.

    Take care Drew.

    1. A terrabyte oh my! I think I have a Flickr account. I’ve so many that I’ve lost track. I think that’s what I’m going to do during this down time. Search out accounts that I don’t use and pull what I want from them and delete the rest.

      Thanks Milady!

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