Well now, there are times when the squeaky wheel does get the most attention

Sorry for the delayed posting.

If you recall (if I mentioned it here) or not, I decided that “Tuesday is going to be the day.” The day I come off the drug that was supposed to be helping me, but in reality was doing the opposite. I am sure that had I remained on it, I would be closer to death. (Closer than I am now at least. 😝)

Well, it’s been two days and my appetite has returned. I’m keeping down what I put in. The whole urinary thing…a thing of the past! \O/

There are still some side affects for which I hadn’t accounted. The places where I thought I had “dry skin” isn’t that is a rash brought on by the med. A nasty, ugly, scaly rash.

Something just occurred to me. Have I ever said what drug it is/was? I can’t recall and as I don’t “back-read” ….. The drug is Sulfadiazine. I was taking 1500 mg every six hours. Yeah, so I pretty much was sick all day. But that’s over now.


I am of peace

A pui tardi

Ciao ciao!


2 thoughts on “Well now, there are times when the squeaky wheel does get the most attention”

  1. I’m delighted to hear that \o/ Another case of the ‘cure’ being worse than the disease. And another example of how vital it is to heed your own sense of what does and doesn’t work. 🙂

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