It’s kinda…odd…kinda strano…

To have strangers, strangers who have been allowed to enter your “world” (or at least one of your worlds,) via glimpses of thoughts posted here or there; “know” you and comment on things long since forgotten and to express…

So, a few questions..

is there a point in time when we “become” our online identities?

is your online identity the “authentic” you or a self perception?

have you ever been called out by a “fan” to prove that you “walk the walk and talk the talk?

have you ever wondered “is this, what I’m doing worth it?” but that then leads to other questions.

i’m just curious.

hummm, now shifting gears…

i am going to admit something that some may have already guessed.

i have issues.

yes, i am aware that if one is alive, one has issues. mine are special… 🙂 😆

but there are times when there is a disconnect -brain – no, tactful brain and mouth. there are times when human behaviour baffles the bejeebers out of me. one would think I was reared by emotionless androids or something.

the other day, someone expressed “love.”
not fully understanding, i tried to gloss over it. it did not make sense. “i must have misunderstood,” i thought.
ok, so i did not misunderstand. continue
“so you’re just going to ignore what I said?”
“thank you.”
” ‘thank you’ ???”
“i do not know how to respond.” i really didn’t.


to make a longer story shorter, after being told why i was stunned.

as a rule, i don’t tell people how to feel or what to feel it’s not my place to tell anyone how they should feel. in this case. i could not remain silent.

“you do not know me to feel this way. we’ve never met and most likely never will. if my banter and conversations have lead you to believe otherwise, i apologise. but , if you look at it realistically, i am – to you, as you are – to me, a collection of photographs, screen captures and witticisms that don’t even scratch the surface of who we are. for you to say what you said makes no sense to me and continued discussion will only make me uncomfortable.”

that’s the gist of my reply. then the reply to the reply. then I stopped because continued discourse would only add paraffin to the fire.

this is the reason for the above q and a.

but now i am left with questions…not about that – that was just silly. but I wonder how many online “relationships (of romantic nature)” begin as such? there isn’t any way such a thing can last, can it?

heavy sigh…heavy sigh

i’m going to bed.

a pui tardi!


2 thoughts on “It’s kinda…odd…kinda strano…”

  1. Hmm, let me see if I can respond to this in some intelligible way.

    “is there a point in time when we “become” our online identities?”

    This question doesn’t really compute. What is an online entity as opposed to any other?

    “is your online identity the “authentic” you or a self perception?”


    “have you ever been called out by a “fan” to prove that you “walk the walk and talk the talk?”

    Well, I don’t consider anyone a ‘fan’, more people I talk with. People have tried and tested me many times though. I think it’s valuable, unless it’s intentionally destructive or abusive. Sometimes we need to see where we don’t quite match up in theory and practice.

    “have you ever wondered “is this, what I’m doing worth it?” but that then leads to other questions.”

    I wonder if what I do is worth it all the time. But I also wonder what exactly I am doing other than sharing myself, for anyone who wants to know, and whatever they may find there for them. Recently it’s felt much more pointless, but that’s more to do with the way Google+ spins things and makes it hard to do what you want.

    “I wonder how many online “relationships (of romantic nature)” begin as such? there isn’t any way such a thing can last, can it?”

    Many. The trouble is though, that the way people engage with an online ‘personality’ can sometimes lead them to believe that person is talking directly to them, and they can get caught up in a fantasy that seems really really real. I’ve had it happen to me numerous times. I’ve had people start pm’ing me about our ‘relationship’ when I’ve never done more than make a response to their comment, as I do to everyone, and haven’t got a clue who they are. They’ve imagined I love them because every word I say is apparently designed to tell them that. I’ve had to block people who got really rather creepy. I’ve had serious proposals of marriage. But I’ve also had real relationships which have started by getting to know them first online as a friend and contact. Can they last? Well that question could be asked of any relationship, however it began, surely.

    1. Ok, let’s see if I can do this….

      VedekDrew started out as a “cutesy homage to Star Trek screen name.” As I matured and my interests matured “VedekDrew” started his maturation too. As I type this, I’m seeing a crystal…. But….as I continued to “mature” VedekDrew did as well so now, there are times when I can not differentiate betwixt the two.

      That may have answered your second query too!

      Perhaps “fan” wasn’t the correct word. Now that I re-read it, it was a HORRIBLE word to use. But I did….

      The online relationship thing…that was because I was watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory; the episode where Leonard and Raj’s sister were video dating.

      I have had people doubt the sincerity of my posts…until we started spending more time together then …. I’ve had the occasional bizarre PM. Since I had no idea what they were requesting…😱😂😝

      I can’t recall, A Deeper Love…did I view it before or after writing this? You can’t answer that. 👽 I believe that I’ve formed some meaningful relationships with some online people…if you recall, I had the momentary freak-out about how would online friends know of another’s death?

      Oh my. Did I hit the points?

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