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A decision made and one I hope to keep.

With that last blog “Status update becomes a blog,” I’ve made yet another decision. I’m really tired of being bombarded by the less than helpful images and general “news” of the world on my timeline/feed/whatever the hell it’s called, so I am going to change what I want to see on my timeline/feed/whatever the hell it’s called. I’m going to change what I post on my timeline/feed/whatever the hell it’s called. Bye bye, CNN, ABC and the like. I ❤️ ya Huffpost, but you gotta go. Let me put it this way. If it’s not music related, family related, garden related and basic general stuff; I’m not going to post it. After all I don’t and people should not get their “news” from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and the like.

We’ll see how this works..

✌️ my siblings from another mother✌️


What’s on my mind, today 18 January 2012?


Hook (,) I have a slight crush, not on Jean Grey, but The Phoenix Force itself! lol

But that isn’t what’s on my mind.

I am a bit bothered by the “fact” that the United States government, instead of focusing its energies on:

The National Debt
Hate crimes
Crime in general
I will most likely add to this list as the day progresses
Healthcare for ALL citizens
The “Immigration Conundrum”
Our declining education system
Developing/Releasing the cures to AIDS, cancer, and other illnesses

Our government, my government chooses to focus on..”

What is downloaded/uploaded/posted to the Internet? Really???

Yes, it is a rather simplistic view, but, well……..

(yes, I am familiar with the issues of pirating, intellectual property, royalties, etc. but isn’t that kinda silly? Kinda makes one wonder what’s really behind this.

Just sayin’

a pui tardi

DISCLAIMER:I found the image of The Phoenix on the web. Legalese, latin phrases related to law and free speech, yada yada ya and so forth.

The past

Just saw a post (on Facebook) about fidelity and trust by an old AQUAINTANCE and recalled that’s not how it really happened. But then realised that was how he justified his less than helpful behaviours then, and continues to do so to this day. And then realised that if we “re-write” our past to suit us, how can we ever learn. 🙂 yeah, deep thoughts for a Sunday morn. Jejejejeje


Number Two…

Ok, something to lighten the mood…

When deciding what category to place a blog, I’ve discovered that I have an extensive list. So, this blog is actually the category links. That might prove interesting. Tell me what you think.

I’ve just listed A and B ….I’m going to string you along….tease ya a bit!

Ciao ciao!


eco fido

Make sure your pet’s food is as green as your own. Choose all-natural food that contains hormone-free chicken, beef, or fish, or consider cooking for your pet with organic and free-range ingredients. Recipes abound on the Internet. Cats and dogs can’t be vegetarians, though, so if that’s important to you, consider a pet that can be, like a bird. (But no fancy tropical birds – – leave them in the rain forests.)

get going: – a shopping site, so you can go green with toys and grooming, too. – The American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition.