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Handy hobbies, green glossary and better shredder

handy hobbies

If you’re itching for a new creative outlet, consider taking up a constructive hobby, such as knitting, sewing, quilting or weaving or making personal-care products, such as soap and bath oils. Learning to make beautiful, useful objects for your own home and family and to give as gifts means fewer things to buy, and more control over the materials you’re bringing into your life ans others’. Even learning to cook is inherently green, because it means you’ll rely less on takeout and dining out in restaurants.

GREEN glossary

cradle to cradle: A way of thinking that provides an alternative to traditional “cradle to grave” product life cycle. “Cradle to to cradle” products are modeled on nature, with their materials perpetually circulated in closed loops in order to maximise their value without damaging ecosystems.


better shredder

Shred some of the office waste paper in your recycling bin to make packing material (or confetti!).