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A decision made and one I hope to keep.

With that last blog “Status update becomes a blog,” I’ve made yet another decision. I’m really tired of being bombarded by the less than helpful images and general “news” of the world on my timeline/feed/whatever the hell it’s called, so I am going to change what I want to see on my timeline/feed/whatever the hell it’s called. I’m going to change what I post on my timeline/feed/whatever the hell it’s called. Bye bye, CNN, ABC and the like. I ❤️ ya Huffpost, but you gotta go. Let me put it this way. If it’s not music related, family related, garden related and basic general stuff; I’m not going to post it. After all I don’t and people should not get their “news” from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and the like.

We’ll see how this works..

✌️ my siblings from another mother✌️


Number Two…

Ok, something to lighten the mood…

When deciding what category to place a blog, I’ve discovered that I have an extensive list. So, this blog is actually the category links. That might prove interesting. Tell me what you think.

I’ve just listed A and B ….I’m going to string you along….tease ya a bit!

Ciao ciao!


The weekend is upon us!

Continuing with my UK guru imposed penance. I am continuing to look at others as an extension of myself.

This weekend what shall I do?

Finally work on the transcription of the discussion/dialogue I started with Charlie weeks ago. 11 pages of notes, that might have to be a serial…. oooo, my first YT mini-series.

Still thinking about… What a great video.

Want to try to work into one vlog, responses to “What is Life?,” Ideology, Spirituality and a few others.

This is the weekend that I try to take as many photos as I possibly can. Of anything that catches my eye. Why, because that is what I want to do.

Going online today to look for the freecycle site. Looking for a reliable bike. Think about it, if I had a bike, I could expand my range! hehehehe

Still looking for melody making software that, well works! Any suggestions??

Hey, any of you have that movie maker beta? What’s the deal? It blows or do I just have a bum copy? It only has a few transitions and effects. Won’t import the stuff I want it to import.

Gonna grab as many vids as I can today. that way I can have food for thought in the coming weeks.

A week without the tele… (now, I do have DVDs and guess what, I’ve rediscovered VHS) but it has been nice to not have that distraction in the background. It has been wonderful to fall asleep, and unless I am troubled, remain sleeping throughout the night. I have been able to re-discover “my” beach and commune with the energy that creates us all, that ties each and everyone of us together, the energy that weaves its thread through our hearts, minds and yes, I will say it, our souls… OK, wow!

Loreleila, thanks for the description/story behind “The Flow.”

Oz, thanks for the daily reminders.

David, your opinions do matter. Thanks for providing insight into things that as a rule, I try not to concern myself. I kinda get the whole examination of the past thing, but I do not subscribe to the need to do so. As I am always saying to you and anyone else who will listen, what purpose will dragging up the past have on the present or the future? Does it serve anyone else other than you (or me, or her, or him)? Just something to think about.

Have a great day guys and gal! Have a wonderful weekend! We shall speak again soon!

Of course, as the “spirit” moves me, I’ll be here and there, after all …

I am… quicksilver, a fleeting shadow, a distant sound. My home has no boundaries beyond which I cannot pass- I live in music-in a flash of color. I live on the wind and in the sparkle of a star.” – yeah, I watched Bewitched this am. 🙂