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I’ve lost my reminder

A few days ago, I lost the last reminder of a decade old association. I cried! Well, perhaps “cried” isn’t an accurate word. A tear or two fell from an eye.

That ring was a symbol of what NOT to fall for in a person.

That ring was a symbol of what happens when one throws ALL reason out the window.

That ring was a symbol of just how rude, inconsiderate and crappy one human being can be to another.

I keep this close to heart. I really don’t need a reminder. I just have to look at the past decade plus of my life for a reminder. Hell, I am a living reminder.

Yet, the fond memories associated with the reminder…still make me blush to this day!!


a pui tardi!

I am of peace…most of the time.


Number Two…

Ok, something to lighten the mood…

When deciding what category to place a blog, I’ve discovered that I have an extensive list. So, this blog is actually the category links. That might prove interesting. Tell me what you think.

I’ve just listed A and B ….I’m going to string you along….tease ya a bit!

Ciao ciao!


cliques, gangs and homies

as I drove into work this morning..a flash..

for some reason You Tube, My Space all of those social networking sites came to mind

… the goal is interaction … expanding our knowledge base (or am I being silly?) but as the flash hit, I realised that even online, many of us stay within our safe little comfortable boxes. why is that?

fear of the unknown? quien sabe?
I look back and reflect on many of the channels to which I subscribe, yet I look at the responses … I am “ashamed” to say yeah, I am cliquish.

but is it being cliquish or just the joy – if that is the right word- of being with those of like mind?

IDIC – Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

yeah, it’ a trek thing.

what do you think?

hey, thanks for reading these posts. thanks for the comments!