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Wow, it’s almost the end…

Ok, one way to make up for lost blogging days….post your “drafts.”
Yeah, I think I’ve posted four or five blogs left on or is it “in” “draft” status. Of course, I believe that most of the were combined in another blog, but as I said in one, “oh well.”

I’m just pleased “TO BE.”.




Now off to read some statistical analyses. Type to you next year. 👽👽👽👽😜

a pui tardi


Number Two…

Ok, something to lighten the mood…

When deciding what category to place a blog, I’ve discovered that I have an extensive list. So, this blog is actually the category links. That might prove interesting. Tell me what you think.

I’ve just listed A and B ….I’m going to string you along….tease ya a bit!

Ciao ciao!


WTF – Series premier and other stuff

Had a chance to watch the series premier of We’re the Future. WOWZERS! They are/were concerned about the flow of the piece. I think that for the premier, it was …WOWZERS, and I am CONFIDENT that as this takes off, and it will, that the technical aspects will improve. I tell you this, the quality of this piece will make others a. take notice, b. see that they ARE NOT ALONE and c. step up their game!

Well, check it out…

OK, so we can embed vids into our blogspot. Nice to know. (Well, drew, you already knew this from the embedded vid above. Nah, that was added after the test :-P)

Well, I am off….have to do more research on Stellate Ganglion Block. The next course in pain management. I had a few of these blocks while recovering from hand surgery. Perhaps it will help with the migraines. We shall see.

So what is going on in your part of the world?