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Is it the same?

… to bring…

logic to emotion instead of bringing emotion to logic?




Prayer to the Muse


O’ Muse:

May I prove worthy of your inspiration and strength today,

As I write,

Let your song sustain me,

And my passion go with me,

Giving rise to insight and understanding,

Allow my spirit and body to work in harmony,

Let me see beyond myself,

And into the true nature of the stars,

Let my daily life dissolve,

And grant me freedom from distraction and fear,

Guide my every day,

So that I may always find the time to do my real work,

I ask only for the opportunity

Of open doors,

So I might walk through and serve your will,

I let go of tomorrow and her seductive whispers,

I think not of the fruits of my labor,

But of the labor alone as my reward,

Let my mind drop away so my true awareness flows through,

Help me let go of outcomes and focus on now,

Above all let me perceive purpose in pain and adversity,

And see the will of the spirits at work,

Rather than the illusion of divine malevolence,

So that I might create something worthy of your favor,

And give meaning to my sacrifice.


Wow, it’s almost the end…

Ok, one way to make up for lost blogging days….post your “drafts.”
Yeah, I think I’ve posted four or five blogs left on or is it “in” “draft” status. Of course, I believe that most of the were combined in another blog, but as I said in one, “oh well.”

I’m just pleased “TO BE.”.




Now off to read some statistical analyses. Type to you next year. 👽👽👽👽😜

a pui tardi

Because it would have bothered me until I knew….

KALLIOPE (or Calliope) was the eldest of the Mousai (Muses), the goddesses of music, song and dance. She was also the goddess of eloquence, who bestowed her gift on kings and princes.

In Classical times–when the Muses were assigned specific artistic spheres–Kalliope was named Muse of epic poetry. In this guise she was portrayed holding a tablet and stylus or a scroll. In older art she holds a lyre.