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5 February 2012 – 10 am




cell phones and dreams

consider this if you will…

can/do cell phones “amplify” or even perhaps distort… something…i’ll call it the dream frequency?

going through journal entries, I have made what I think is an interesting discovery.. every time I sleep with the cell next to my pillow (so I can hear the alarm) I have the oddest dreams.

last night wasn’t different. Last night, I was passing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and jars of Mrs Fannings bread and butter pickles to people. no rhyme or reason…i walked past you, you got a sandwich and a jar of pickles.

so to add some “scientific” validity to my statement/question, I am going to continue to have the phone next to me for the remainder of the week…let’s see.

have a great day and make it productive one.