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Greetings and well met!

Hey! How are you?
I am forever trying to get the most out of my blogging experience ….and failing miserably. But, I’ve another idea.


In my mind, before the lights turned on, or what I perceive as a moment of clarity, more like a “pagh’tem’far.”

my blog does not have to be paragraphs long to communicate what my “heart” needs to say.

I can use as many or as few words as I want.

So, with that said, I’ve another ……

20140404-115903.jpg days remaining on the another bulk of meds!

so here’s what I’m gonna do…

38 days – 38 post
Some may be a word.

Some a long rambling story that has no meaning to anyone but the teller and those present

a pui tardi

I am…of peace.


Tuesday: eBay thoughts and stuff

The pic really has nothing to do with this blog…or maybe it does and the meaning just isn’t clear to me yet.

Ghostwriter511’s “contest” has set my mind aflutter. I submitted “You are NOT what you own” as “my” billboard.

Been thinking about Kurt this morning. I can understand why when faced with unbearable pain, one would seek to die. Especially, if medical science can not offer relief that is not in the form of drugs. However, what makes one person opt for treatment and another opt for death? That is the question that still echos in my mind.

Moving on- I now have an eBay acct. It’s David’s fault, so I am gonna blame him. I am going to see just how selling on this thing works. I have cupboards of stuff to sell. Who knows.

Gotta go, I am needed in another place in time.