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I’m dragging my heels…writing…

That entry, will “put into words, that which I’m thinking.”
That entry, will force those decisions and consequences of decisions made long, long ago. To come to a head.
That entry, will remind me of how little I am in the grande scheme of things.
That entry, will remind me that no matter how little I am, that I am part of a weaving that reaches in in to beginning and extends to…

I thought that starting this would make me … face up.

a pui tardi


With this “down time,” I’m gonna try this blogging thing again


About the Twitter posting, first. I don’t know what was up that. However, minutes before I did tweet that I was going to be led by the Universe. So, we shall see what becomes of that.


Yeah, I’m still doing the photography thing.

If music be the food of love, play on;
Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die.
That strain again! it had a dying fall:
O! it came o’er my ear like the sweet sound
That breathes upon a bank of violets,
Stealing and giving odour.
(Twelfth Night, 1.1.1-7)

This is really odd. I was really geared up to write this, but the moment I sat down, “poof” the mood is gone.

Tomorrow is another day.

Today isn’t over.

My forgetfulness


Ok, today I had the biggest freak out moment. The cause, (see above image). You see, I left the house without it.

Over the holidays, my niece and I often joked about how we had iPhone in our blood. She, her mom and I joked about how we wake in the middle of the night, just to touch it.

fast forward
“I need to phone Donna about…”
“ahhh, the light is striking that trolley….”
“what was the name of that song?”
“I could Google that.”
“I need that app.”
“Crap, did I reply to that e-mail?”
“Send a text message.”
“Check for e-mail”

So, now I’m at my destination. And I have no music to do my laps.

There were 100s of little things that I do using that little hand held device and I do not have it.

And for 30 minutes….I WAS LOST.

a pui tardi

como de costumbre, soy curiosa

bien cuando llegó a ser sexy …

Some people are into bondage … and some people are into cross dressing … and some people are into Coldplay. It’s okay, I don’t mind being a fetish.” – Chris Martin

Ok, this is what I do. I see things; I hear things and they get me to wondering…

When did it become sexy to spit and/or pee on someone? Let alone, the other stuff that is done in the name of sexual expression?

ok, as I wrote that, the voice said that I already know the answer to those questions.

Now, back in my day; to spit at someone was a sign of disrespect; of contempt; to spit on someone was just an invite to a beat down period. You know the same for pee. Now, according to stuff I’ve seen, it is sexy. There is a whole genre for it. Humm

So now I’m thinking…
I am familiar with the whole … ahh, theory behind such fetish behaviours, but it just seems mixed to me. I sit here and wonder just what happened…to make that seem enjoyable. I don’t know. I am going to have to explore this. (ewww, no, not personally. The idea of being spat upon, let alone … makes me a wee bit queasy) and I shouldn’t “ewww” it just because I can’t/don’t understand it.




a pui tardi

Selective verbalisation of my thoughts

I’ve used that before. Just my fancy way of saying think before you speak.


Today, at work we had a delivery. The delivery driver struck me as familiar. Then he spoke. I know that voice…that accent…

A look, “hey, I know you.” – him.

You do? – me

Yeah, we went to high school together. You look the same. – him

I chuckled, yeah, just a little wider and a few more gray hairs (or is it grey?)

Thanks, yeah we did go to LTH back in the day, some 22 years ago.
and then the thought was given voice…

“what happened to you?”

Yeah, I said it.

Perhaps David is right, I am an assh@le at times.

I could not help it and by the time I realised what I said, it was out.

I (hopefully) recovered by saying “yeah in HS you were “big-boned.”as they say.”

Colour me embarrassed!

Think before you speak drew. Oh and when you do, remember to keep the thought to yourself. I once thought I was thinking something…. and well, I was actually speaking.. that was NOT fun as I was in a church (no it did not burn down)and I “thought” i was calling someone a hypocrite and pointing out examples …well I wasn’t thinking..just muttering (and if you know me, you know that I can not whisper or mutter) and well, the details are not important. Suffice it to say that I not only put someone else’s business out there, but my own as well.

Lessons learned.

I am outta here like spit through a trumpet.

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