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What’s on my mind, today 18 January 2012?


Hook (,) I have a slight crush, not on Jean Grey, but The Phoenix Force itself! lol

But that isn’t what’s on my mind.

I am a bit bothered by the “fact” that the United States government, instead of focusing its energies on:

The National Debt
Hate crimes
Crime in general
I will most likely add to this list as the day progresses
Healthcare for ALL citizens
The “Immigration Conundrum”
Our declining education system
Developing/Releasing the cures to AIDS, cancer, and other illnesses

Our government, my government chooses to focus on..”

What is downloaded/uploaded/posted to the Internet? Really???

Yes, it is a rather simplistic view, but, well……..

(yes, I am familiar with the issues of pirating, intellectual property, royalties, etc. but isn’t that kinda silly? Kinda makes one wonder what’s really behind this.

Just sayin’

a pui tardi

DISCLAIMER:I found the image of The Phoenix on the web. Legalese, latin phrases related to law and free speech, yada yada ya and so forth.


Random 2

Ok, for a moment I was about to freak. Why? Affordable driving school pulled up in front of the house. Why would I freak? I don’t know. So, moving on…


Yeah, there is an error, however……

I saw that on the web and thought I’d share.

A Sincere Man Am I (Verse I) YO SOY UN HOMBRE SINCERO… de Jose Marti (ENGLISH)

I do not know why this poem is stuck in my head.

A sincere man am I
From the land where palm trees grow,
And I want before I die
My soul’s verses to bestow.

I’m a traveller to all parts,
And a newcomer to none:
I am art among the arts,
With the mountains I am one.

I know how to name and class
All the strange flowers that grow;
I know every blade of grass,
Fatal lie and sublime woe.

I have seen through dead of night
Upon my head softly fall,
Rays formed of the purest light
From beauty celestial.

I have seen wings that were surging
From beautiful women’s shoulders,
And seen butterflies emerging
From the refuse heap that moulders.

I have known a man to live
With a dagger at his side,
And never once the name give
Of she by whose hand he died.

Twice, for an instant, did I
My soul’s reflection espy:
Twice: when my poor father died
And when she bade me good-bye.

I trembled once, when I flung
The vineyard gate, and to my dread,
The wicked hornet had stung
My little girl on the forehead.

I rejoiced once and felt lucky
The day that my jailer came
To read the death warrant to me
That bore his tears and my name.

I hear a sigh across the earth,
I hear a sigh over the deep:
It is no sign reaching my hearth,
But my son waking from sleep.

If they say I have obtained
The pick of the jeweller’s trove,
A good friend is what I’ve gained
And I have put aside love.

I have seen across the skies
A wounded eagle still flying;
I know the cubby where lies
The snake of its venom dying.

I know that the world is weak
And must soon fall to the ground,
Then the gentle brook will speak
Above the quiet profound.

While trembling with joy and dread,
I have touched with hand so bold
A once-bright star that fell dead
From heaven at my threshold.

On my brave heart is engraved
The sorrow hidden from all eyes:
The son of a land enslaved,
Lives for it, suffers and dies.

All is beautiful and right,
All is as music and reason;
And all, like diamonds, is light
That was coal before its season.

I know when fools are laid to rest
Honor and tears will abound,
And that of all fruits, the best
Is left to rot in holy ground.

Without a word, the pompous muse
I’ve set aside, and understood:
From a withered branch, I choose
To hang my doctoral hood.