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From the Lady Mariko (I’m watching Shōgun again)

Today, you are here and nothing you can do will change that. Tomorrow doesn’t exist. There is only now. There is only this moment. Nothing else…nothing.


A few things..


I really do appreciate those new subscribers. You folk are the best! Of, course those guys and gals who have been there/here from the beginning, you are the crème de la crème of followers ✌️😀😃😺

I’m still a medical fascination. I don’t really know what else to say other than, it’s not the best…Goddess knows, it’s not the worst, but, my “way of life” noooooooo, the “way I lived” has changed! Has it changed for the better? I don’t know. I guess that is something that….only time will tell 🙂

The Universe takes care of her own.

I’ve been super excited, super bummed for the past few days. A friend, a close friend of mine returns home tomorrow to have his worst dream realised and, honestly, I’m not really up to offering any support. It’s not that I don’t want to offer it. It’s that I just do not have it in me. I am drained, in ways I didn’t think possible.

I have a bunch of “fears” associated with this reunion as well. Now, let’s see how I can say this without sounding like a twat.
As we, individuals, navigate our way through life, lessons are learned.
As we learn these “life lessons” our experiences, our way of interacting with our community changes.
As we incorporate these changes into our lives, we “evolve.

What if, because of separation our paths have diverged so much, that continued association would be counterproductive?
I am recalling how the last reunion went….not fondly, but not horribly either. Oh well, there is no need to borrow trouble.

Let’s see, what else?
Well, as some of you know, my mother, the woman from whose loins I sprang, died a few years ago. Her death left a hole in my soul that can never be filled. More recently, the Lady Donna, my “Ivory mother” died…in front of us…no warning. Another lurch, my world torn asunder, another hole, irreparably ripped in my soul. Wow, two of the most important women in my life gone…in the blink of an eye. I grieve, but it is more important that I live up to their legacies.

With certain realisations, my muse has returned. So, I’ve been freezing moments in time! I’ve been playing with colour -electronic style. And film, I’ve shot a few rolls of film. (I hope they come out well.) I’ll post them on my Flickr page.

Hey, something just occurred to me. I do not believe that anyone has ever answered a question asked ages ago; “To whom does the Father confessor confess?” But as I ask it again, I’m thinking that it’s probably much like “to whom does a therapist talk when he/she is troubled?”

I’ve decided to get up and go out. I it make take me an hour to get there, but I want to eat — to have a bite or two of something out. (I don’t say “eat” anymore because…..)

So, I’ll post snaps later. Fill you in on my sojourn to nutritional bio-matter. And anything else that comes to mind.

whoa did I mention that I’m considering a name change for the blog? No? Well, I am….I think it’s time for a change.

A pui tardi!

I am of peace 99.9% of the time. 🙂

5 February 2012 – 10 am



Allowing my mind to wander….whilst listening to Sigur Ros


LOL, that is why I am not an artist. But this is what came to mind whilst listening to…..

Sigur Ros. I’ve heard of the band before, but not until I watched V and it was used in the first Anna’s sermon of Bliss, that I have worked it into my daily soundtrack.

If you’re of a mind to, give a check…ós


a pui tardi

Way beyond

I am sitting here.
I am waiting.
I am really digging the playlist.
Today is alright in my book.
Frustration has given way to … just being … where I am; when I am.


a pui tardi


G+ to WP

I thought that I would be able to C&P my G+ post, but alas…..NO

Some earth shattering news…. Today, I received my first “blue screen error.


This photo reminds me of the Star Trek epi “Let that be your Last Battlefield.”

I’ve lost my train of thought. That’s the “problem” with drafts. I draft it “because something more ‘important’ came up, and then I lose the momentum.


Amici, I have a few. Amici, making some new


And I do not know why it shouldn’t make sense. Sometime yesterday I was thinking about friendship. I PRAY THEE, read the entire piece (I say that to those other than the two or three regular readers). It’s odd that I was thinking about friendship whilst having a somewhat heated – nay- impassioned (same bloody thing Drew) discussion with my mother from her 1st marriage (don’t, you’ll get confused). Well suffice it to say, I said a few things that touched a nerve and vice versa. We went at it for a few minutes, enough for me to scarf-down six of her fab-u-lous crab cakes.

(Friendship Drew….get to the point)

Ok, after the exchange, we sat across from each other and just looked for a moment. “I see what you are saying,” she said,” but I just don’t know.”
“I know what you mean and believe it or not I know how you feel,” I said.

BOYAKITTY contrasting views yet acceptance of those points. Ok, this isn’t quite where I want to right now. Let’s take another stab at this.

I have always been a person with a set number of “friends.” I am not talking about “people I know” I am talking about true blue, here is my last dime, come live in my house FRIENDS. So I am thinking, of course Jay and Donna; Michelle, my oldest and dearest friend and my best friend David.

Now, I am making (does on make, no one) am acquiring a new set of friends (I think, or are they already friends by nature of their proximity to my current core?). Admittedly, it’s difficult. I’ve become so accustomed to those core individuals that I didn’t really need any one else.

Oh shyte! I am finished.

I am shucking this to the cob…

True friendship consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and value. – Ben Jonson

Of course, this does not include my online friendships.

Oh mio. Ho mal di testa ora.

a pui tardi amici