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Yeah, it’s that time #photoadayApril

A few hrs early, but it’s in the bag…been put to bed.


Gearing up for…..



The sun came out this weekend…yet…

1st: Let’s talk about Dave’s Bar-B-Que spare ribs… YUM-EEEE!!!
This was his first time at bat with this recipe, and MAN-O-MAN did he knock the ball out of the park ! Did I say YUM-EEEEE? I do not usually eat anything that I have to pick up with my hands (I eat pizza, for the most part, with a fork — go figure!)

The weekend was a pleasant one..despite all of the rigmarole. Had a good time. The weather was nice…too hot for my shadow bred system, but it gave us a chance to get out and about for a few. Also watched a few good movies (other than the Mists of Avalon and Felon, I do not remember the names of the others.)

So, my belly was filled with good food, the mind was entertained, and good conversation plus a bit of exercise..again made for a good weekend!

Now, let’s see if she’ll visit today? I have quite a few ideas still knocking around. Some vlogs to which I need respond.

OMGoodness, tonight is the season finale of HEROES.

Type to ya later.