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Candy, multi-hued eggs and a mutated rabbit; how does this relate to the resurrection?

Our purpose, well one of then anyway is to learn something new everyday; to try to make the world a better place. (ok, lets all join hands and sing Kumbayah.) So, with that said, jejeje, I require your assistance with a Christian religious matter. I make no jest. I am quite serious about this.

What does the hiding of multi-hued eggs, a huge “bunny” (that honestly looks quite scary) and various confections have to do with the resurrection of the Christian saviour? I honestly don’t get it. So, without threats of my “eternal soul burning forever in the fire pits of Hell” and all of the other threats of damnation, can someone explain this to me?

I eagerly await your responses. Yeah, I could google the meaning, but, I am curious to get “real-world” answers. \o/ < I love this little guy!


ARRRGH, too many from which to choose!

I “know” what is pretty. At least I think I do. REPHRASE: I know what is “pretty” to me.

At university, I took the requisite art appreciation class, that turned into classes. So, WHY CAN’T I PICK OUT A COLOUR SCHEME FOR THIS PAGE??? But whoa Nelly! I can and have, but I have the ancient Romanesque love for colour. (Although, I tend to wear bland hues myself. Did you know that black and battleship gray are my favourite colours?)

If it is bright, I kinda like it (except blaze orange and lemon yellow).

It is Friday, as thoughts come to me, I’ll share.

I am open for suggestions. Hey, please share your artistic vision with one who is challenged.

Hey, who is beta testing the new YT layout? I may try to work on that today during lunch.

catch you on the other side of the rainbow (trying to to in the colour thing) 😛