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sunday, 16 January 2011: the purpose of life…

“I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honourable, to be compassionate.  It is, after all, to matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all.” -Leo C. Rosten

That is my format-to start off with a quote.

An idea came to me a bit ago. I signed on for this “postaday/week” thingie. I can’t complain, I’ve been able to keep up the pace. However, there is something missing. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Oh well!

There are quite a few things that have made me go “humm” happened during the week. One thing, don’t people realise that what is posted on the internet is just about there forever and a day? So consider what you post – do you really want compromising photos to come back and haunt you later.

Mindfullness – the trait of staying aware of (paying close attention to) your responsibilities. There is a bit more to it of course. But to be succinct, I believe that it is being aware of how everything that we do, from how we approach the simplest things have far ranging consequences. I am thinking that includes not only facial expressions to what we put into our bodies. We must be mindful … aware of everything.

I am losing my ability to focus. I had an idea a second ago, but now its gone.

I’ve been having trouble getting back in front of the camera. My inability to focus makes it difficult for me to vlog. In addition, other than music videos, I can’t really make head or tails of any videos I watch. The speakers all sound like the adults from the Charlie Brown cartoons.
“Waa wa waa wa waa wa”

Recipes – I think I’ll take up that challenge. A few no red meat meals guaranteed to satisfy. 🙂

Ok, here goes-wacky time.

Have you noticed that there are more “aliens among us” movies and television shows nowadays?

Were you a little freaked when you heard about the dead birds and river of dead fish? (FlashFoward)

49 out of 50 states “covered” in snow. Global weather disasters. And folk still doubt global warming.

Ok, I am going to throw it out there. Is it possible, no probable that we are being conditioned? Just call me Question.

But there is a deeper part of it, a yearning for some kind of centeredness, a feeling of mindfulness, making the world a better place as opposed to contributing to its demise. ”   Ariana Speyer

I am still having trouble posting photos from the mobile app. If this works, these were taken on a walk through the neighbourhood.

peace and long life


foster and protect all life

Evil deeds dreaded by the soul will not afflict The compassionate who foster and protect all life. This wide and wind-swept fertile earth is witness to the truth That misery is not for men who keep compassion. – Tirukkural 25 : 244-245

peace and long life

a little list of likes…

Ahh, another snow day. Absolutely beautiful!

Taking a cue from a suggested topic for a blog, I shall share what I do on a snow day. (Also included a little list of favs and of course a few pics)

Let’s start with a favourite. I have really been loving COMMUNITY. I have watched the first season, every episode, at least 12 times. THAT IS NOT HYPERBOLE! I just love that show. However, like most shows, I have questions.
What does Britta do that she could afford to take care of Abed?

Shirley and Chang – really?

Pierce and the Spanish sub, what really happened?

Troy and Abed, what’s up?

Annie, don’t quite know about her.

Sr Chang is da triple dawg bomb!

However, I can’t leave out OUTSOURCED. Just thinking about the show makes me laugh out loud. I think NBC is trying to kill that show. It resumes in the 10:30pm time slot. A comedy on at 10:30pm. I just don’t get it. I also don’t get why so many people are offended by this show. “It is offensive,” is the common thread. Everything is a learning experience. (Even a sitcom). I mean, were you/are you aware that the caste system is still used in India? And of course, this is where I learned about “the Indian bobble” which is an excellent managerial tool by the by! :-). And were you aware that they were a polytheistic society?

(You know that I am still learning how to navigate.)

Switching the channel. Watch FIT (it is a movie). Rent it, find a torrent, whatever you have to do, find the movie FIT. It is a story, seen through the eyes of several teens and their various coming out stories. No, it is not some twink skin flick. I was really surprised at how much I liked this flick. Let me put it this way, usually, I fast forward through movies-not this one. FIT!
What is FIT? “The feature film adaption of Stonewall’s highly successful play for schools aimed at tackling homophobic bullying.” More info @

Another “this is really good” film, Bulgarian Lovers (2003). Humm, your usual observations of love, sex, power with some flesh thrown in. I will admit I was a bit thrown but the sex scenes are tastefully done and not pornographic is any way. I will admit, I did fast forward through some of it, but later went back. (

Crikey! I’m off out. Almost out of fags and I want to play in the snow. Photos later!

Cheers! Oh, have a great day and make it a productive one!

peace and long life

Ho aggiunto alcune foto.

I’ve added a few photos to my gallery.  Angelo, thanks again for introducing me to all of the various features Windows Live has to offer.

Enjoy the images. There will be more to come!

Ho aggiunto alcune foto alla mia galleria. Angelo, ringraziamenti per
l’introduzione me a tutte le caratteristiche varie Windows in tensione
deve offrire ancora.

Goda le immagini. Ci saranno più da venire!

Peace and long life