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I do not celebrate Easter, but if you do, I am ok with that! Just sayin’

A few things today.

I do not celebrate Easter, but if you do, I am ok with that! Just sayin’


“This is the best that I can do without being fake. Honestly, I lack the emotional skills to be any happier than I am right now. I am sorry that this is not enough for you.”

My response to recent news that would have anyone else jumping for joy and shouting it from the rooftops. That is just not how I behave and to ask me to otherwise, well I won’t do that. So, deal with it!

Now don’t get me wrong, it registered, and I felt, but not enough to make a spectacle of myself. But that lead me to other thoughts and social scenes where my lack of affect made me stand out like a sore thumb.

People just don’t get that it is a MAJOR chore for me to do anything socially. It isn’t for fear of using the wrong fork or saying the wrong thing (well actually it does have more to do with saying the wrong thing, but that goes with the not understanding the intricacies of humour and wit.)

Oh well, kinda over that topic.

Last week was a busy one. Wasn’t able to get to the gym, but, had a week-long workout. With the digging and shovelling, moving this here and there, and mowing and raking. Well you get the hint. I just can’t wait until the new week started. In addition, I was able to take many of the things learned in the gym and apply them at home I will be able to return to my regular schedule. I like the break in routine; yet, returning to a set pattern is much anticipated. However, I am going to add something to that schedule. I will start riding my bike again 1st thing in the morn.


“What are you, a fucking witch?” Not just a witch, but a “fucking” one at that!

I seem to attract the curious/hateful ones. I just don’t know why. I guess its the same as how children, animals and old people seem to flock to me. So, I am going to answer your questions in order received. Some answered with a question, just to see if you are paying attention.

1. When will we move past labels? Define witch.
2. I think this is a joke; at least I hope so? I have never ridden a broom and I don’t know anyone who has. I’ve seen a few people jump a broom or two, but ride, can’t say that I have. Do you realise how silly that would look? I mean REALLY. If anything, I like to go on a magic carpet ride. 🙂 did ya get that or is it soaring overhead on a broom?
3. I do not own, not have I ever owned a cauldron. I have done some cauldron work. Just to see what the hoopla was about. Wasn’t impressed.
4. Spells, incantations, yeah I know a few. You know a few prayers don’t ya? Kinda the same thing. If you really look at it. Really, requesting something from an “external/internal” source.
5. No, I can’t turn anyone into anything. REALLY. You’ve been watching too much Bewitched or Charmed or any of those shows that show stuff like that. But wouldn’t that be a hoot! Someone does something annoying and “poof” you’re a toad. But consider this, toads multiply at a ferocious rate. I’d much rather have one person not like me than 1,000s. (not an original thought, but…)
6. I have never sacrificed a small human or animal. I don’t Yeah, the folklore says that “witches” make sacrifices to…
7. No, I DO NOT WORSHIP SATAN. I mean, come on dude (or dudette), REALLY??? Stop watching late night television. Do you know how to use google?
8. Do I believe in God? (Which one because it appears that there are as many Gods as there are religions and just as many “holy texts”?) and it appears that more crap is done in “his name,” than in any pagan god’s name. Think about it!
9. Will I go to “heaven or hell?” Honestly, this place in which we live is hell to me. Pain, despair, hunger, war, disease, pestilence …. What is the difference betwixt my “hell” and your “hell?” As for the other place, I guess we shall see. Or will I?
10. Since I like myself soooo much, I’ve never found/seen the need to do the “coven” thing. Considering that I do not feel the need to do any group worship service thing, that would not appeal to me.
11. Yes, I’ve danced naked by the pale moonlight. IN THE PRIVACY OF MY HOME. I actually got that one. It’s a quote from one of those Batman films.

So I am thinking this is a joke. But it has been fun.

Oh, I do not like name droppers.


Do I look like an unlettered country oaf? Why do people think I am well, stupid? Why are they amazed at what I know?

a pui tardi


OK, whew, didn’t know this was going to happen..those damn flashes..

I’ve been thinking about creativity (yeah again)

I’ve been thinking about inspiration (ditto)

I am having the most insightful discussions with two of my favourite artists, trying to get a grip on this creativity/inspiration thing.

Life’s events

The “good” and the “bad”

The rain

A song

A fragrance caught on the breeze

A fight

A night of passion

A riddle from a co-worker

A migraine

You get the point (or do you?)

So drew, (no I do not have self image issues, the lowercase is my homage to e.e.cummings)

What inspires you?






The lack of emotions (is that possible)









All around (you knew that was coming)

OK, where is all of this going?

Who the bloody hell knows?

Here is a snippet of a conversation I had today (and will most likely become an ongoing convo),

What do you think?

We were talking about expression/inspiration/angst and my use of blogging/vlogging to deal with SOME of my issues and to let the creative man come out and play. (the name has been changed to protect the innocent)

[10:05:14 AM] Drew Lee says: in addition, this will help (in my opinion) give voice to the crap that you just can’t share with friends and family.

[10:05:27 AM] Drew Lee says: moreover, you can use your posts in you book.

[10:05:33 AM] J says: yeah –

[10:05:58 AM] Drew Lee says: you have the creative talent. you have the vision, you just need to find your niche

[10:06:09 AM] J says: LOL

[10:06:14 AM] J says: that is what the counselor said

[10:06:30 AM] J says: she told me it is time for me to reinvent myself and go back to school

[10:07:48 AM] Drew Lee says: well, reinvention calls for understand what brought one to the point where that is necessary.

[10:07:53 AM] Drew Lee says: just my opinion.

[10:07:56 AM] Drew Lee says: 😛

[10:08:16 AM] J says: oh absolutely

[10:08:27 AM] Drew Lee says: I just know you have a message that needs to be heard. I feel that if you can let go of the static of the past, your message would be heard

[10:08:30 AM] J says: she was just saying, like you are-

[10:08:59 AM] J says: i am creative, smart and talented in many different things

[10:09:07 AM] J says: i am a giver and need to share

[10:09:25 AM] J says: and i need to be in an environment that allows me to do those things

[10:09:59 AM] Drew Lee says: yes, yes, yes and we must create that environment when we can.

[10:10:09 AM] J says: yes

[10:10:45 AM] Drew Lee says: I usually reserve the early am hrs. My thoughts are clear, the air is “fresh”

[10:10:58 AM] Drew Lee says: Those, I need to go outside moments.

[10:13:20 AM] J says: mm

[10:15:53 AM] Drew Lee says: this is the type of “support” you need to feed that creative creature…

[10:16:09 AM] Drew Lee says:

[10:16:15 AM] J says: awh, you like me after all

[10:16:49 AM] Drew Lee says: J, I never NOT liked you.

[10:17:26 AM] Drew Lee says: I just do not understand you. I am making every attempt to do so because I SEE what YOU either refuse to see or have been told by those in your past, does not exist.

[10:17:52 AM] Drew Lee says: and that is a woman screaming to be heard. A woman who has a lot to say and share, but is often dismissed.

[10:18:13 AM] Drew Lee says: If I did not see all that you could be and are, honestly, I would not waste my time with you.

[10:18:30 AM] Drew Lee says: oops

[10:18:32 AM] Drew Lee says: waste

[10:18:51 AM] Drew Lee says: i just hope that you find your centre

[10:19:21 AM] Drew Lee says: once you find that. I believe all will be well.

[10:19:24 AM] J says: my past relationships were not pleasant either so i am trying to overcome the insecurities

[10:20:52 AM] Drew Lee says: we ALL have those relationships that we wonder “WTF” were we doing when we entered that relationship

[10:21:04 AM] Drew Lee says: LOL goddess knows I have wondered WHY THE HELL did I do that or this

[10:21:06 AM] J says: yep

[10:21:29 AM] Drew Lee says: building blocks darlin, if they didn’t happen we wouldn’t be who we are today…for good or ill.

[10:21:38 AM] Drew Lee says: Oh my, wowzers!

So SUGGESTIONS, how to get that creative spark BURNING bright.