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FW: Article: Nancy Pelosi’s Big Fat Jet

This is just a piece of a puzzle.

A bit of background…

I received an e-mail mass posting…re: Speaker Pelosi and her “new” jet. So when I expresses some measure of disbelief, well, it was looked upon as “Democratic sympathies.” so, because I am a “trained journalist,” I researched the issue. After a few hrs and gigs of data….



the WILL and the WORD

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Nancy Pelosi’s Big Fat Jet

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no-fly zone

Jets use a ton of fuel and release a lot of greenhouse gases-and then there are all the related carbon costs, which include getting you, all the other passengers, the pilots, the drew and everyone who works at the airport in place for the journey. So even though airlines pack many passengers on each flight, the environmental impact per passenger is still very significant. The upshot: fly only in long-haul situations; otherwise, drive a hybrid or other fuel-efficient vehicle, or even better, take the train! (And lobby your representative for better train and mass-transit options nationwide.)

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