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Yeah, it’s that time #photoadayApril

A few hrs early, but it’s in the bag…been put to bed.


Gearing up for…..



Public Transpo: Ahhh, a peaceful and yes, productive weekend – Fear, boxes, Thalia and stuff

A stress-free weekend, a productive weekend and now a creative weekend. WOWZERS!!!

My “writers block” is clear. Thank Comedy and Tragedy for that. YIPPIE!!!

Humm, OK. “Our countries are at war.” 😉 and in some way, we too are at war with that never-ending struggle against the status quo. Those who would attempt to stifle, and control. LOL (OK, yeah)

I know that it (the I’m tired of Jackson blog) seemed harsh (and that I am not giving him his “due”). At least that was what I was told, but… I don’t know. I know that I am just tired of hearing about it. Keep in mind, I also grew tried of the Represenatitive who yelled “Liar” at President Obama after two days of hearing about it incessantly.

A non sequitur. There is this lady on the bus who wears the ugliest pair of shoes. I don’t know, whenever I see them, I want to rip them off her feet. Humm, it is not the shoes, but the colour. They’re green.

Since it appears that my muses have decided to return — with “bells on.” Why do they have “bells on?” Why not whistles, or harps? Just curious. 😀

This weekend, I’ve also been thinking about weavings, community and brotherhood. That thread that connects us all. I’ve been thinking about dominos (the game, not the pizza chain). So, a video/vlog is on the way.

I also thought about fear. How fear can prevent us from living, experiencing, appreciating …this little thing we call life. I thought about how although we may know something may be “bad” for us, not the “correct” choice, however, by making another, a different choice; a choice that may force us to step outside our safety zone, we almost invariabily stick with what we know. Of course, that does not apply to everyone. Did that make any sense at all?

Oh my, we (riders of the #15 Crosstown) are receiving some free spiritual knowledge….and it only cost $3.50! 😉 Ahh, the search for divinity. Trying to find that external link to “God.”

We are tied together. This internet, this web. The friendships we form, have formed and will form here – are just as real as those we have in the face to face world. We need to continue to offer support, a “smiling” face or a kick in the backside to our online brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, just as we do to those f2f friends. We are extensions of each other. I am you. You are me.

Have a great day and make it a productive one.

Hey, have you asked yourself the question? “What can I do to make the lives of those around me a little easier?” 😉

the WILL and the WORD

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