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I ❤ comic books – The science of MAGNETO

I ran across this in the wee hours of the am.


Magneto’s control over non-ferrous materials, from metals like gold to ceramincs to organic matter, is also accomplished through magnetism. Protons, neutrons and electrons all have magnetic fields that interact to hold the atom together, the positive charges of the protons governing the number of negatively charged electrons orbiting the nucleus and therefore dictating the type of atom it is. The exchange of the negatively charged electrons between the positively charged nuclei of atoms is what creates molecules. These magnetic fields seem minuscule, but their combined strength is so strong that they overcome the forces of gravity. Hence the reason you do not simply fall through the ground into the center of the earth. The electromagnetic bonds between the atoms of you feet are repelled by the electromagnetic bonds of the atoms of the ground. These small magnetic fields cause a non-ferrous substance to be either paramagnetic or diamagnetic.

If you want a more detailed explanation, please see the link below.


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marginal improvement

A printing trick: Save paper by shrinking your margins to fit more words per page.

get going: Sign a petition asking Microsoft to change the default margins in Word and get involved in other large-scale efforts to make marrow margins standard: