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Wow, it’s almost the end…

Ok, one way to make up for lost blogging days….post your “drafts.”
Yeah, I think I’ve posted four or five blogs left on or is it “in” “draft” status. Of course, I believe that most of the were combined in another blog, but as I said in one, “oh well.”

I’m just pleased “TO BE.”.




Now off to read some statistical analyses. Type to you next year. 👽👽👽👽😜

a pui tardi


Where should this music be? i’ the air or the earth?

I am in a FLUNK kinda mood today.

Flunk is a Norwegian electronic band consisting of producer Ulf Nygaard, guitarist Jo Bakke, drummer Erik Ruud, and vocalist Anja Oyen Vister.

As my uncle William once said, “Give me some music; music, moody food. The music, ho!” 🙂


Ah, ha! Come, some music! come, the recorders!
Come, some music!
And it will discourse most eloquent music.
And there is much music

ciao ciao