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the best laid plans….

Promise of a new day


You know the list of things I “wanted” to do over the weekend…..


Was up until 3am Friday…in a crazy temporal loop…one not of my making.

Worked on Sat, unfortunately, because of a …well you know migraine, unable to work the complete block of time. Slept most of the day away, after eating myself into a food coma.

Sunday, hummm didn’t do much then either…. I do not believe I even stepped foot out of the apt.. Ahh, yes I did, to run to the curb to wish Mr. Jay a Happy Father’s Day. I did manage to hook-up my PS2.. played Baldur’s Gate : Dark Alliance for an hour or three. I did manage to watch Gran Torino….again! SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Terminator: Salvation…was rather good.

No riddles today. I must admit that I have an advantage over you …. I have the answer key. Who was it who said that that riddles were/are a way to see if the mind is receptive? Ahhh, the Seeress of Kell.

Ahhh, listened to NPR on Friday. Take heed.

When posting photos (of self or family), post in the lowest resolution possible and/or watermark them. A woman had an image of her family used (W/O permission in an advert for a restaurant) The image was found on the net. Just a suggestion.

Well, LOL, automation, just received a reminder call…14:30 neurologist appt YIPPIE! Perhaps they can tell me today, what isn’t wrong.

Well, I guess I should get to work now. Redesigning the “Request for Leave” chit. It was just ugly.

Smells like feet in here. ewwww.