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Qualche considerazione prima di alzarsi dal letto — A few thoughts before getting out of bed

Just something that has come to mind. No rhyme or reason to this.

I am sure that you’ve heard this before. “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?”

What is it with the youth, not just kids, but young adults today? What makes a person, in the prime of their life…. HATE EVERYTHING? Now, we are going to remove depression/mental illness from the equation from the start.

Now where am I going next? Just because you don’t get the girl (or boy) you want; you give up “hope?” now that’s crazy talk. Why in the name of the gods would anyone want to be saddled, chained, bound to anyone when you’re 18, 19 or even 20? What do you HONESTLY have to offer yourself, let alone anyone else at that age? LIVE LIFE.



it is poor form to eat from one’s own waste paper bin? OK screw “poor form.” Is it tacky? Now, NOT the PUT ON THE STREET GARBAGE BIN, the one under your desk, where the last bit of sweet potato crisps just called your name…they were on top.

I am NOT saying that I did that. well, I did, but I am not saying it!